What is Sustainable Agility?
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Business agility is the ability for companies to adapt and respond rapidly to constantly changing market conditions. At Scrum Alliance, we believe that business agility can only be successful if it is approached in a sustainable way; there has to be meaningful, lasting change (it cannot be a quick and easy fix) that needs to happen across the organization at all levels and departments. That is what we call sustainable agility.
In order to achieve sustainable agility, leaders must change their mindset and get equipped with the right agile values, principles, and tools. Once this happens, companies are able to accelerate innovation, improve their quality and results and become market leaders. To help them get there, Scrum Alliance has launched a new brand called Sustainable Agility, with the main purpose of inspiring, educating, and coaching leaders and organizations to help them thrive in an era of change and disruption.

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New Case Study: Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Texas Mutual Insurance Company Chooses Self-Disruption Over Complacency to Stay Ahead
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It Pays to Be Agile

To thrive through uncertainty, train yourself, your teams, and your organization to plan, pivot, and perform like the pros.
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Certified Agile Coaching
for Sustainable Agility

With expertise and perspective, coaches help to capitalize on the strengths and help to find individual solutions that work best for the organization.
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